From multilingualism
to more languages...

From one language to another language
with one mouse click

The SAA M1911A1 animations are already equipped for multilingualism and several languages are included. By pressing a button in the menu you switch these animations to another language. It may well be that the language or jargon that you do not want to use are not there...

Translating the animations by yourself...

With the included assistance programs make it for you easy to the convert these animation into other languages, or modify an existing language to your own jargon.
All you need to do so, is your computer with keyboard, your knowledge of language/jargon and the SAA M1911A1 animations.

Three translation tools

For this work we have three utilities that make it easy for you to customize these animations to another language/jargon.

  • The program SetMenu
  • With this program you can edit the language menus of the animations.
  • SetLeadLanguage
  • With this program you can set the language you want to use as an reference and the language you want to edit.
  • TranslateAid
  • This is the actual program that allows you to translate and/or edit the language.
    In this program you will see the image that contain lines of text to be translated twice. Once in the reference language and once as the translation that is entered by you. This screen is also active and therefore responds immediately, so that you see what you will see in the animationst

Why are these translation tools?

The answer is simple:
The texts of these animations are targeted short descriptions of a particular situation in the animations. Unlike the translation of a story, the translator must directly clearly understand the context of what is meant.
With a big story has the translator more freedom, without losing the essence of the story, to do his job. With these brief and independent phrases they have not that freedom.
In this Translation Aid you will see immediately the image with the text from the animation and how the translation displays in the animation.

We are convinced that this is invaluable for the people who are going to translate these animations.
Knap Visuals wish you much success in translating these animations.



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