Teaching and Learning package

The power of animation

Besides the spoken word, the effect of the image has become essential for educational means.
Moving images are even more effective and link up better between data-processing and modern manís sensory perception.
Certain processes, such as the working of fire-arms, can only be demonstrated clearly by using computer animation technology.
Implementing this technique interactively, enables the instructor and student to navigate to any random scene at any time.
No unnecessary images are used to explain a certain subject.

Effective and result-orientated

Practice has proven that of all modern educational tools, such as learning manuals, instructional videos and simulations, the interactive computer animation especially gives significant learning improvements.
This concerns in particular situations in which trials of skill are of main importance. For example policemen, soldiers and pilots must be trained in stress situations in which skill and routine are vital for a positive outcome.
We have proven at the Police Academy of the Netherlands that we could reduce the time in the classroom with more then 50% while the results of the students of their test was even better!
A better trained police officer on his gun saves lives, not only his own!

M1911A1 Teaching and Learning package

The M1911A1 of Small Arms Animations are a complete Teaching and Learning package on this gun.
Small Arms Animations, the most effective shortcut to safety.

In short Ė Learning is fun!



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