M1911A1 animations

Lucien C. Haag
The world most leading forensic ballistics examiner and author

This writer has just finished a lengthy ‘tour’ through Marinus Knap’s SAA-1911A1 program for PCs, and it is overwhelming!

I thought that I knew the Colt 1911A1 pistol fairly well, but I learned, and saw, some things that I had not appreciated, or fully understood before.

God only knows, and he is not talking, how many hours Marinus spent preparing these beautiful, amazing and detailed diagrams and animations of this historic pistol.

This product is the ultimate source for educating anyone from a beginning shooter to a court and jury on any, and I mean any, aspect or component of this pistol.

The viewer will be able to see the part or component from multiple views, and exactly how it interacts with other components.
To anyone who buys it, enjoy the trip through every aspect, every view and every component of the 1911A1!

Lucien C. Haag
Forensic Scientist-Firearms Examiner-Author
Carefree, AZ, USA



Dutch weapon magazine AK56 published about the 1911A1 animations:

In the Dutch magazine AK56 stands in number 128, which now has been released on august 7th 2015, can be found on page 29, a very laudatory article about our animations.

We are very happy with this because it is precisely this gun magazine well known for his "sharp pen" and independent judgement. It writes full of praise about our animations.

Read the complete article in Dutch

With permission from AK56 Wapenmagazine / Nitro Publishing



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