News about the animations

Renewed button bar functionality (user interface)

Now we present the animations with a new user interface that becomes visible in the toolbar.

Previously up to now, if you wanted to have every animation full screen, you had to press the Display button again and again during the start of another animation. This also applied to the Text button.
It is now the case that once you have pressed the Display or Text button , the other animations will automatically start in that display and/or text mode.

Also, there has been added a new button in the toolbar, the so-called one by one button. When you press that button, the next animation starts automatically. In this way all animations (except the interactive ones, such as those of the Anatomy) are strung together like an invisible chain. The sequence is that of the menu.
Start from the animation you want to start and press the one by one button. At the end it goes through again with the first one. Everything then runs in a loop, which only ends when you intervene or when your computer enters sleep mode due to energy management.

Of course, existing licensees can download and install these updated animations free of charge. The codes are the same...  



Now also the Dutch VVV Gift Card
(VVV Cadeaukaart)

From now on we also accept the VVV Gift Card, very known in the Netherlands. If you have one, you can just use it.
You don't need to have exactly the right amount of VVV Gift Cards. If you have too few Gift Cards when you pay for the animation, you can pay the remaining amount via Credit Card, for example.
However, if you have a VVV Gift Card with a much larger amount than the animation costs, the remaining amount will remain on your VVV Gift Card. The card is then just worth something less ...
Yes.., the Dutch are very lucky people !  



New payment system ready

From now on a new, secure and accessible payment system. In addition to PayPal, you can now just pay with SOFORT or for our Belgian relations with Belfius, KBC/CBC or Bancontact. In addition, there are many other options (such as CB, iDEAL and credit cards).
MCVisaAM PayPal Sofort KBCBelfiusBancontact CB CartaSi iDEAL PaySafe Bitcoin




MARAWA Exhibition

Knap Visuals participates in the Marawa exhibition in the Belgian town of Libramont held on Sunday, September 6th 2015. We hope to see you over there. There you can see demonstrations of our technical weapon animations and convince yourself of our qualities.
And at such a cozy Belgian Exhibition, we are always in for a chat...

For more about the Marawa Exhibition:



Translation Aid Manual ready

Manual for the translation help programs has been completed in both English and Dutch. This is now also supplied as standard with the animations, along with the translation utilities. This makes our M1911A1 animations really complete.



Translation Aid ready

Today there are three programs ready for the translation of these animations.

A program that allows for the languages to be edited set. A second program to perform the actual translation work, and a third program to set the language menus in the animations itself. These programs have now been tested. At this time, we now start to write the manuals for these 3 programs.

At all the new orders from now on, this software will be included. The manuals for this will follow automatically later on when they are ready.



Dutch weapon magazine AK56 published about the 1911A1 animations:

In the Dutch magazine AK56 stands in number 128, which now has just been released can be found on page 29, a very laudatory article about our animations.

We are very happy with this because it is precisely this gun magazine well known for his "sharp pen" and independent judgement. It writes full of praise about our animations.

Read the complete article here! (Sorry, but it is printed in the Dutch language!)



Translation Aid

Today and the next time we are working hard on the development of a translation tool for the M1911A1 animations. This will make translating much easier.

The texts of these animations are targeted short descriptions of a particular situation in the animations.
Unlike the translation of a story, the translator must directly clearly understand the context of what is meant.
With a big story the translator has more freedom, without losing the essence of the story, to do his job.
With these brief and independent phrases they have not that freedom.

In this Translation Aid you will see immediately the image with the text from the animation and how the translation displays in the animation.

The expectation is that this Translation Aid is available within a month and will be provided as a free update dilivered to the present and future licensees!

We are convinced that this is invaluable for the people who are going to translate these animations.



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