The example above is the intro movie of the SAA M1911A1 animations but here at 50% of its actual size.


Under the title Mastering the Weapons start Small Arms Animations with an extensive series of animations on the famous M1911A1 pistol after more then 100 years still alive. More alive then ever.
Only a few small arms factories does not make a copy of it.
To quote the former-dictator Sadam Hussein:
"The mother of all ..." pistols !

With 31 different crystal clear animations, with a total playing time of over an hour, it covers all aspects of the M1911A1 pistol.
An essential educational package to be used by professional instructors who have something to say to newcomers and more experienced students in ballistics.

With these multilingual animations you stand your man also in an international company.

These animations are available for Windows computers.

The YouTube example above is the intro movie of the SAA M1911A1 animations but now the same size as real animations. Only the real animation is much sharper than in this YouTube video

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