High quality animations !

The series Mastering the Weapons of Small Arms Animations consist of animations of a very high quality. Both graphically and in terms of content.

The animations have a format of 904 x 733 screen pixels including the Windows edge and the control bar. The pure animation-image size is 888 x 666 screen pixels. They are to enlarge to the full screen format.

Each of the animations represents a specific topic, and brings all the ins and outs of that particular topic into focus by from a clear structure.


More than an hour playing time !

If we take the playing time of all animated films add together, the outcome is 61 minutes and 7 seconds. So amply one hour!
In addition, there are also in this package, animations that do not have a film in itself, but they are a kind of interactive book.
These are the animations of the technical specifications and those of the anatomy. These together have 204 interactive pages.
Also on board are: the 60 interactive 3D representations of the parts that you can zoom in or out freely, rotate etc.


Easy to navigate through the animations

In each of these animations is a control bar present, so they are very good to manage the navigation.
One can go to a specific frame number or quickly to the beginning. Or just freeze at some point and then again backward.
Also is it possible to turn off (or on) the text that comes into the picture.

An example of the control bar



Exits the Animations


Full Screen


To turn on or off the text lines in the animation


Play the animations one by one in a row and at the end they start again with the first animation.


Repeating animation, it puts the animation in a loop


To the start of the animation


One frame back


Stops the animation


Plays the animation from the actual frame



Its also possible to navigate with the slider bar. Left of the slider bar is a window where you can see the active frame numbers. Also you can enter a frame number to go drectly to there.

Additionally, you can also use the arrow keys to navigate foreward or backwards through the animation.


In some animations you will see also these buttons.



Reduce the image


Sets the image back to 100%


Enlarge the image



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