Small Arms Animations has an extensive animation on the operation of the famous Kalaschnikov AKM assault rifle. Already almost seventy years is this weapon more in the news than any weapon ever.

How many manufacturers there are of this weapon is not known exactly, and how many Kalashnikovs there excatly are in the world is also unknown. But according to estimates there are around two hundred million Kalashnikovs, and every day more and more will be added to that number. Each weapon expert knows that this is by far the most produced weapon in the world.

The AKM is the successor to the AK-47, and saw first light in 1957. The weapon has the same dimensions as the AK-47 but is more than a kilo lighter than its predecessor.

With this crystal clear animation, with a total playing time of 8 minutes, it covers all aspects of the operation the Klashnikov AKM Assault Rifle.
Semi-automatic (Single shot) and full automatic fire are mapped. The operation of the retarder and the trip lever are well displayed. The gasoperation systeem is very well to observe.

This is an essential educational package to be used by professional instructors who have something to say to newcomers and more experienced students in ballistics.

With this multilingual animation you stand your man also in an international company.

These animations are available for Windows computers.



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